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Little Bug Creative

01. Project Info

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02. The Story

A poet-turned-copy-strategist and a designer-turned-creative director  team up to give videos back their power. It’s not enough to just throw together a pretty video (it’s like beautiful imagery vomit, right? It’s colorful as all get-out, but it’s just sitting there ruining your carpet). We wanted to clean up the floors a bit by giving clients video scripts that perform. So we take the best of the copy world and the best of the design world, we spin it together with some super-fine research, and we implement repeatable practices and solutions that businesses can use to power their big ideas.

03. Our Process

We figure out what your clients need–what they care about, what they want from you, and how you fill the gap in the industry. We consume all the data about your industry, your services, and your products until we find the big idea that actually matters.


Strategy and Discovery

Identification of the client’s “big ideas” and Project brief creation.



Script development, tone revision based on feedback, implementation suggestions, animation development, and voice over.



Collaboration with current designers or developers. Discussion on best practices for successfully implementing video into the current workflow, website, or content strategy.

Animation Design

Little Bug Creative

A short little video for Little Bug Creative showcasing capabilities and process.

  • Skills

    After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sound Design