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Shocktop Contest video series

Video Concept

Shock Top End of the World Challenge

Winners of the Shop Top End of the World Challenge. Follow a group contests winners as they travel around the globe with their friends.

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02. The Story

There are four videos in the series. These videos follow contest winners along on their adventures. Some chose to conquer their fears for others; it was a vacation of a lifetime. The lucky winners got to take their best friends with them to share the good times.

03. Our Process

A team of videographers was sent around the world to chronicle the adventures of the contest winners. I wrangled TB of footage from various camera types into four compelling stories.


Shocktop Contest video series

Follow the story of winners of a trip of a lifetime. With their friends in tow, they conquer fear and have the best time ever.


Storytelling about contest winners living out their dreams

  • Skills

    Video Editing, Final Cut, Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Da vinci Resolve, Sound Design

  • Client

    AB InBev