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01. Project Info


Retool a low code platform that allows you to build internal tools fast. You can create Dashboards that connect to databases and various API’s

Make Concept

I was contracted to work with the marketing team to create a series of UI Dashboards and videos.

Prototyping & Design

I was contracted to create UI dashboards for their marketing efforts. These dashboard illustrated the fast variety of applications for their product. I created 80 dashboards ranging from Healthcare, Hospitality, Banking, Logistics, Sales and various other internal tools.

Video Editing

Created opening animation and edited  dozens of demo videos showcasing how the tool has helped the companies productivity.

Watch Video

02. UI Dashboard designs


I was tasked with taking customer dashboards and simplifying them for easier understanding. In addition to this I needed to scrape all customer information and replaces it with fake company information and numbers.

03. Video Editing


Created opening animation and edited a dozen demo videos showcasing how the tool has helped the companies productivity. These were long zoom videos that had to be edited and condensed. Special care was taken to edit the dialogue so there were minimum pauses and to move along the narrative so that the information could be easily digested.

03. Video Editing Example Screens


Example of edit. Using a screencast, I reformat and crop from different formats to create a unified video. Voice over is heavily edited to speed up the demo.

Design UI and UX Video



Aid Marketing department by creating UI Dashboards and editing Demo videos

  • Skills

    Figma, Premiere, After Effects

  • Client